Great News!!!

The schedule for the next Thomism on Tap meetings is out and we are including social meetings starting with meditative prayer as well in order to build community. Additionally, there will be a change in the format to accommodate the needs of the group. We will break it down into presentations, guided discussions, social gatherings and in the future God willing a live debate format. I will be sharing materials with you beforehand please keep a look out for them. Some of the materials we will be covering are already available via link on this page. I look forward to our next meeting God bless!

Thomism on Tap Meeting Schedule

DateEvent TypeTopicLocation
Jun. 9 @7pmDiscussion Basset Brewing Co.
Jun. 30 @7pmPresentation/ DiscussionThe Existence of God: Summa Theologea p.1 q.2Flying Basset Brewing Co.
TBASocialThemed prayer session (TBD) prior to bowling (10-15 min.)Bowlero
Aug. 18 @7pmDiscussion Basset Brewing Co.
Sep. 8 @7pmPresentation/DiscussionCreation and Evolution: Handbook of Catholic ApologeticsFlying Basset Brewing Co.
TBASocialThemed prayer session (TBD) prior to tour (10-15 min.)San Tan Brewery Tour 21+

*Meetings are subject to change, but I will make sure to inform you all.

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